Celebrity Face India to Cut Pay between 40 to 50 percent of all employees

New Delhi.

India's No.1 Fans shoot with Celebrities Platform - Celebrity Face decided to cut the pay of all employees between 40 to 50 percent.

Celebrity Face is India's No.1 Fans meet with Celebrities Platform where fans meet their favorite celebrities in person, they click selfies and do fabulous photoshoot with their stars, but the ongoing Corona Crisis in India, Celebrity Face didn't organize any Photoshoot event after 16th February seeing the corona situation and maintaining social distancing. Celebrity Face Postponed all their PhotoShoot events for a indefinite period till the time Government gives a Go Ahead for organizing any kind of events and till when the corona situation is under control across India

Celebrity Face Revenue Generates from Live On Ground Events which we organize across India in top metro cities which mainly contributes the company's 95% Revenue, Rest 5% Revenue generates from Sale of Merchandise, Music Videos etc.

As company's business is declined 95% from last 2 months as all events postponed, its difficult for company to survive as we company have fixed expenses like Rents, Salaries, Miscellaneous Expenses, Vendors, Hotels, Production Team, Contractors, Freelancers, Singer, Director, Composers and Celebrities Advances etc.

Corona has hit badly to all event companies who do on ground events as social distancing is very important to save everyone's life from Corona Virus.

Celebrity Face has released all employees 50 to 70 percent salaries of March by saving all employees job. Few employees who had serious urgency for funds got their full salaries as well. Many employees who are not supporting the company in April and now not working anymore work from home after getting their March Salary during this WORLD PANDEMIC Corona Virus will need to decide whether they want to work or not and support themselves during this Situation.

Team members who are supporting the company during this corona virus situation will get their rest salaries + 20% bonus salary once the company's situation will be better after corona virus and when we plan the best events across India. We will ensure our team members are always happy and plan better and better for them.

Company is struggling to survive and this situation has badly hit the company. Indian and across the world market has crashed. Celebrity Face is trying to SAVE maximum job by planning everything but if any employee who has got their salaries and still doesn't want to work due to salary cut is totally their decision.

Celebrity Face is a Responsible Organization for organizing top events across India & providing best facilities to their employees. We will over come this situation soon and will plan the best events with all top celebrities after the corona virus situation is under control.

It is very sad that many employees who are now not working from home & not supporting their company during this pandemic situation in-spite knowing the company's financial situation, We hope these employees will get a better job after corona virus, These employees wont be eligible to get any perks/rest salaries as they left by their OWN and not supporting the company during the world crisis, saving their job. Employees who left by their own and have official assets like Phone, Data, Id Cards need to off their Official Phone, Keep all data confidential and also need to SUBMIT everything in office after corona virus situation. Any misuse of data, leaking customers information, cheating with customers will lead to strict action against the employee.

There is a prediction in news that due to corona more than 25 Million people will lose their job due to this Corona Virus Across the World.

We at Celebrity Face will save MAXIMUM jobs and will also create more jobs. Our situation is bad due to this corona virus but we will surely overcome this soon.

We appreciate the hard work of all employees who are working from home and doing their best.

by Celebrity Face Management

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