Celebrity Face is Worlds First & India's No.1 Platform.

About Us

We introduce our self as WPCDPL holder  organization. We provide transmitter, apart from this unit SBSS  has antenna, dummy load and audio brand like Soundcraft, M-Audio, Beringer, Softline-   pro, Seinnheiser, AudioTechnica, Neutric, Belden, turbo sound etc.

 We provide solutions for Complete CRS Setup AND Studio Acoustic.

Celebrity Face is Worlds First & India's No.1 Platform For Fans to Meet their Favorite Celebrities in very organized way.


It is the platform for all young kids who want to establish their career in modeling/ acting & videos platforms like reels. We had been doing PhotoShoot of Fans with their favorite TV & Tiktok/Reels Stars across India since 2013.

It is a online platform where young talents can learn to create your performance content with the help & guidance from the experts or from the industry professionals

Our Participants get to learn how to act in front of camera through our projects & also how can you present yourself in a crowd

We provide mixed knowledge & interaction!

Our Current & Future Plans: We are giving Opportunity to Young talents to feature in Our Music Videos/Short Videos/ PhotoShoots & Interviews, Various Upcoming Projects to showcase their talent to the world of GLAMOUR.

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